What is Commercial Cleaning and Why Your Business Need Them

The reputation of a workplace or business establishment often depends on a clean environment being maintained. Keeping commercial spaces neat and tidy is easier said than done. A number of professional cleaning services are available to help keep these spaces clean, and they are called commercial cleaning.


But what exactly is commercial cleaning?


Commercial cleaning is cleaning that is performed by professional cleaners hired by a company or organization. Commercial cleaning services include a variety of cleaning services, for example offices, hotels, warehouses, shopping malls, and other leisure centers. Companies and buildings tend to hire commercial cleaners to ensure adequate building cleaning and sanitation. 


Commercial Cleaning vs. Residential Cleaning

When hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, it is important to find a company that has huge experience of cleaning spaces similar to yours. This is because different spaces often require different approaches and tools, which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the cleaning process.


There are two categories of commercial cleaning that should be able to differentiate: commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. But what distinguishes one from another?


As their names imply, the main difference between the two services is the coverage area. Residential cleaning takes place in a domestic environment, while commercial cleaning takes place in larger, usually public, areas.  Therefore, the strategies for both services are very different. Depending on the industry, certain workplaces must adhere to specific health and safety standards to ensure safety, while households can set their own cleaning standards, which would make residential cleaning a bit straightforward compared to commercial cleaning. 


Another difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning is the equipment set and methods used. Because commercial facilities are much larger, powerful cleaning tools and equipment are usually required. However, these powerful tools are too powerful for use and may cause damage in residential areas.


Types of Commercial Cleaning

As mentioned before, there are different types of commercial cleaning. In some cases, commercial cleaning may also be specialized for specific types of businesses. Here are some of the main types of commercial cleaning services:


  • Hotel housekeeping: Provides routine maintenance of heavily used facilities such as bedrooms and hotel corridors. 
  • Office cleaning: Keeps the office space clean to improve workplace productivity.
  • Medical facility cleaning: This service is very essential, as medical facilities are busy places that are exposed to many germs and bacteria. Medical equipment, medicines and patient rooms require special attention.
  • Sports and leisure cleaning: Sport equipment, changing rooms, and locker rooms must follow strict hygiene standards, as they experienced high traffic.
  • Ventilation cleaning: Maintains vents and extraction units to prevent dust and debris.
  • Window cleaning: Cleans buildings’ windows and ensures the buildings look professional inside. 


These cleaning services usually include routine and general cleaning using a variety of commercial cleaning products, chemicals and techniques.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Commercial Cleaner

The scope of work of commercial cleaners usually includes routine and general cleaning. This often includes, but is not limited to, tiles, floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, glass washing, dining and kitchen areas, restrooms, and many more.


Depending on the contract, commercial cleaners will do the duties on a daily or monthly basis. Here’s a list of common tasks that can be expected from them:


Daily tasks:

  • Vacuum floors, mats and carpets
  • Wipe and dust surfaces of desks, tables, chairs, and other furniture
  • Clean and sanitize toilets and bathroom areas
  • Spot clean painted surfaces and walls
  • Mop hard floors using disinfectants

Weekly / monthly tasks:

  • Clean all glass with squeegee
  • Vacuum chairs and vents
  • Deep clean carpet floors


Why is Commercial Cleaning Important?

Maintaining a clean space is important, especially in businesses that deal with customers and clients frequently. A bright and vibrant space not only increases the chances of increased customers and repeat business, but also provides a healthy environment to keep you and your staff happy and productive. ANd commercial cleaning service is able to get those jobs done. They will also have all the best equipment to carry out the work flawlessly.