The Top Ten Countries Where Insurance Costs the Leas

If you get a DUI, it can be hard to find car insurance, and your rates may go up significantly. A recent look at third-party data by NerdWallet found that a DUI raises auto insurance rates by an average of 93%.


It’s noted that Progressive and State Farm are the two car insurance companies that will charge you the least after a DUI. Moreover, the consequences of a DUI conviction vary depending on the state where the offender resides. 


Increases in insurance premiums are inevitable. The amount of the increase will depend on a lot of things, like your insurance company. Progressive is the cheapest car insurance company overall.


On the other hand, state farms are the cheapest, but only in the state where they are located. In contrast to being the least expensive option for a driver with no violations, Geico was the priciest after a DUI, with rates more than five times as high.


Here are the top ten countries where insurance costs the least

  • Alabama 

If you’ve been charged with DUI and need vehicle insurance in Alabama, your best bet is to go with State Farm, which offers a reasonable price and excellent coverage.

But Allstate is your best bet if you’re a motorist in Alabama seeking the most affordable coverage. Illinois’s statutory minimum insurance premium is roughly $1,150 per year, and Allstate offers the cheapest full range at a far lower price (Rp 17,988).

  • Alaska

State Farm is Alaskans’ finest, cheapest, and most readily available option for complete and minimum coverage insurance.The cost of auto insurance after a DUI conviction in Alaska is 52.77 percent higher than those without such a mark on their record. The annual rate in Alaska at State Farm Company is $1,142 (Rp 17,863).

  • Arizona

Complete coverage of DUI auto insurance in Arizona is offered by American families, while basic coverage is provided at the lowest cost by Progressive. At American Family Company, the yearly rate in Arizona is $1,178. (Rp 18,426). MoneyGeek reports that drivers with a DUI face premium increases of roughly 51% for comprehensive auto coverage in Arizona.

  • Arkansas

According to MoneyGeek’s analysis, Southern Farm Bureau has the lowest rates in Arkansas for full coverage and minimal coverage auto insurance for drivers with a DUI record. In Arkansas, Southern Farm Bureau Company charges a yearly fee of $1,010. (Rp 15,798).

  • California

At Mercury Company, the yearly fee in the Golden State is $2,377. (Rp 37,181). At this price, Mercury offers the lowest rates in California for full and minimal coverage for drivers with a DUI.

  • Colorado

State Farm’s Colorado premium is $1,251 annually (Rp 19, 568). After a DUI, State Farm is the best and most affordable option for Colorado auto insurance. This is true for both comprehensive and basic policies.

  • Connecticut

After a DWI in Connecticut, full coverage auto insurance from Progressive is the most cost-effective option. The data indicates a yearly rate of $1,381. (Rp 21, 601).

  • Delaware

Based on the information provided by Moneygreek, the annual percentage rate is $1,3511 (Rp 21,132) in Delaware. State Farm is the most excellent insurance company, regardless of how much coverage you need. Price-wise, it’s the best deal among the two insurance plans. Travelers are the second-best insurer for both full and minimum coverage, while Progressive is the second cheapest.

  • Florida

State Farm also has the cheapest insurance in Florida. They charge $ 2,018 (Rp 31,566) per year. State Farm provides people with driving under the influence (DUI) convictions with full and minimum coverage car insurance.

  • Georgia

State Farm is your best bet among Georgia vehicle insurance providers if you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence. In addition to having their license suspended, drivers in Georgia convicted of DUI must also pay a whopping 79.69% extra for comprehensive car insurance. There was a $1,545 fee (Rp 24,167).


Those are the top 10 cheapest countries with low insurance. Despite the low prices, drivers must exercise caution.