The Best Reading Apps for Kids – Tommy Turtle

Reading Apps for Kids – Reading is a basic skill that children must learn from a young age. When children learn to read at a young age, they can have a different life experience.

In addition, it can help children create a path that can increase their learning capacity when they attend preschool classes.

As parents, we should also be able to help children develop the habit of reading from an early age. You can start to teach your child to read the alphabet.

There is one application that you can use to teach children to read at a young age. Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is the name of the app.

Reading Apps for Kids – Introduction to Tommy Turtle Teaches Reading

This app can help you teach your child basic reading. Learning should be rewarding and fun.

especially when the child is just starting to learn to read. So one of the ideal apps you can use is Tommy Turtle. This app has a focus on learning to identify words as they are read and spoken.

The learning method is packed with game features, so your child will practice reading different letters.

Where to Find and How to Get It  

For those of you who want to teach basic reading using the Tommy Turtle app, you can get the app for mobile devices. For those of you who use Android devices, you can search for it in the Google Play Store.

Enter the title, then install it immediately. Wait a few moments for the app to finish downloading and installing. When it’s done, you can open the app, and it’s ready to use.

For those of you who use iOS devices, you can get this application on the App Store. If you have found the application, you can immediately click “get” to install it directly on your mobile device.

You can download this app for free, but if you want to subscribe to the full version, you can pay $2.99. This app is highly recommended for children who are at least 8 years old.

Reading Apps for Kids – Getting Started

If you have finished downloading the app, you can immediately start the lessons for your child. In this application, there are 3 options that you can choose from.

These options include learning to make words, learning to combine words, and learning to read. Each option will be divided into two parts.

While learning, the app will feature a very friendly and kind narrator. The narrator’s job is to instruct children on what they should do in each section.

As a parent, you also have to guide your child through the games in this app. But once the game is selected, make sure your child completes the game on their own.

Make Learning Fun

Learning to read will be more fun when you use the Tommy Turtel app. This app has many animations that can make children’s learning activities colorful and fun.

Reading Apps for Kids – Learning Words

There are six sections in this app to teach children to read. Each section will be a lot of fun for your child.

Each section has been designed to help children read while having fun. These fun and colorful games can make it easier for children to understand the words.

Listed below are a few of this app’s main features:

  • Magic Letter Bridge, for combining letter sounds into words.
  • Skateboards and helmets, for learning to read.
  • Turn the Blocks, helps to hone children’s creativity and their vocabulary.
  • Word Magic, to teach children about word families.
  • Rocket Words, practices word families that children have already mastered.

Benefits of Early Reading

The advantages of using this app for children can make children’s futures much brighter.This can have a very big impact on children.

The brain that children have when they are young can develop faster, so children can also absorb various types of information very quickly.