Simple Project Planning Software to Plan Projects

Simple Project Planning Software – Project management is complex and there are many tools available, but some only add to the burden. Here, we’ve highlighted simple tools that excel in their specific functions.

Can A Time Management Tool Be Simple?

Project management tools can be overly complicated, with too many options and features, and unappealing design that can lead to confusion and disengagement. Some tools try to do too much, resulting in a frustrating user experience and high subscription costs.

We believe in keeping project management tools simple, with intuitive design and user-friendly onboarding materials that save productive time. We prioritize tools that focus on solving specific problems rather than trying to do everything.

The UI should be enjoyable and accessible to all team members, regardless of technical ability, with self-serve onboarding materials and support to ease the learning curve.

The Best Simple Project Planning Software

1. Simple Project Planning Software – TeamGantt

TeamGantt is a project scheduling tool that simplifies the scheduling process. While its timeline charts may appear complicated, they are actually easy to understand and can be created simply by dragging and dropping without any need for training.

TeamGantt is ideal for those who prefer visualizing project progress through timelines, and it also provides a convenient way to keep all project-related conversations and files organized in one place, pinned to the relevant task or project.

2. Timely

Effective project management relies on good time management, and Timely simplifies both. Its automatic time tracking feature accurately records project time and budget allocation.

The central dashboard compiles all logged project activities, enabling you to ensure that everyone is working efficiently and maintaining a balanced workload. Real-time budget tracking and team capacity bars provide clear resource visibility without requiring extensive research.

Timely is unparalleled in managing team resources, from tracking deadlines to identifying team members who may be experiencing burnout or are available to assist with a project. Accurate time records also facilitate better estimation for future projects.

3. GanttPRO

Teams worldwide highly value GanttPRO, a project management tool based on Gantt charts. It features an appealing Gantt chart timeline, enabling users to effortlessly create, assign, and track team tasks, assignees, dates, projects, and project portfolios.

You can easily modify your plans with just a few clicks or by dragging and dropping elements. Additionally, GanttPRO is suitable for teams who require a centralized location for all project-related information.

4. Simple Project Planning Software – ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management tool that offers a straightforward approach suitable for any team. It provides a comprehensive suite of project planning and communication tools in one convenient location.

Its user-friendly onboarding process ensures easy navigation through its wide range of features, even for first-time users. Its intuitive interface can be customized based on user preferences.

ProofHub allows for effortless task creation, work assignment, deadline setting, project discussion, planning, and file sharing, offering teams full control over their projects.

5. Wrike

Wrike is a top-rated project management tool that doesn’t require extensive training to use its various services. On the dashboard, you can easily view all pending tasks, with upcoming or overdue assignments highlighted for convenience.

One-click importing and exporting from Google Docs is available, which is a basic feature that is surprisingly absent from many other project management applications.

While Wrike is a versatile tool, it excels in measuring project progress and assigning tasks, so it is recommended to explore these features when first using it.

Project planning software can help you effectively manage your projects, assign tasks, and track progress. However, finding the right project planning software can be challenging. These simple project planning software options are a great place to start and can help you get started with your project planning.