How To Clean The Patio Area With Various Materials

The front porch of the house must be passed before we enter the house. If the patio of the house looks clean and tidy, it will be pleasing to the eye but will not make an attractive impression on the guests. That matter, there are houses that make terraces a place to relax, which are called patios.

The cleanliness of the house can be seen first from the front porch. If the patio of the house is clean, the inside will also be clean. But if the patio of the house is dirty, it is likely that the inside of the house will also be dirty.

The patio is a very comfortable place because it has functions such as relaxing with family, playing with children, hanging out with friends, and also being able to work while enjoying the fresh air. Therefore, we want to have a terrace that is clean, comfortable, and cool. Alternatively, host a barbecue with family or close relatives. Small activities can be done in front of your favorite patio.

Dirt in front of the patio can be human footprints, cat footprints, or other stains. Especially if you have a small garden or plants in front of the terrace, you have to clean it frequently because the soil that absorbs it will make the patio area dirty. Not only that, when spending time with family or friends, sometimes the patio area will get dirty.

But the types of houses in our society are different, some are modern minimalist or Japanese-style houses. All of that resulted in the potion area having different ingredients. For modern minimalist homes, the floor of the house is usually made of concrete or stone. For Japanese-style houses, it is common to use wood materials. A different floor of the house will make the treatment different.

Not only does it get stained after use, but it’s the case if your patio area is often exposed to sunlight, rain, and dust. As a result, the furniture in the foyer is filthy. Such as sofas, tables, and chairs. To keep your potty area clean and comfortable to live in, here’s how to clean the potty area with a variety of different flooring materials.

Concrete Material

Patios that have concrete floors will be very easy to clean because they will not easily absorb air when exposed to rain. Even though it will last a long time, it must be treated as often as possible. Before cleaning the patio area, you must prepare tools such as brooms, rags, sprays, buckets, and cleaning products. Don’t forget to include a water hose.

The first step is to sweep the parking lot neatly. Get rid of trash scattered on the floor or on the table. Prepare a rag to clean the table. If you have a sofa, you can clean it with a broomstick to remove the dust. The sofa that has been cleaned can be removed first. When finished, you can spray water slowly over the patio area and don’t forget to apply disinfectant and the like. If there are visible stains, you can scrub with a brush.

However, if you have rust stains, you can add white vinegar and spray it on the stained area, then let it sit for 15 minutes. When finished, scrub using a rough brush. If you find an oil stain, you need baking soda because it can absorb oil stains. The method is the same as for cleaning rust stains.

Wood Material

Patio areas where the floor is made of wood really need to be extra cleaned because the wood will be easily damaged and discolored. Wood is rarely used by residents because caring for it is rather difficult. But there are those who use wood because it is more aesthetic. Especially if exposed to sunlight and rain, it will become quickly damaged and damp. However, it is highly recommended that if you use a wood floor, you must use a transparent roof to keep it warm.

Before cleaning the patio area, you should prepare gloves, brooms, rags, wood cleaning products, and if available, a dust cleaner because it will make cleaning easier.

The first thing, you have to sweep the patio area regularly so it doesn’t get dusty easily. If there is dirt stuck to the wooden floor, immediately clean it with a dust-cleaning product. Wipe the wood floor with warm water. After that, dry with a clean cloth. If there is a sofa, you can clean it in between using a broomstick or dust cleaner.

Not only should you clean the patio area, including the floor, sometimes the patio area is equipped with ornamental plants. Ornamental plants should be watered and cleaned frequently. Cleaning houseplants is very easy; it only requires a damp cloth and water spray. If there are ornamental plants that are exposed to dust, just wipe it with a wet cloth. Then, if the ornamental plants are hanging, you can water them using a water spray.

The explanation above provides information on how we clean the patio area to keep it clean and comfortable. Regardless of the different floor materials, it is possible to always regularly care for your favorite place so that you feel more comfortable when you are with family or relatives. Have you cleaned your beloved patio yet?