Method and Benefits of Organic Dry Cleaning

Have you washed and dried the clothes like it says on the tag? We may sometimes wash clothes in the washing machine without separating the ones that need extra care. Even though not all clothes need to be taken care of, there are some, like suits made of suits, silk, jeans, and etc.  One of these ways is to use organic dry cleaning to treat it. Some people may have heard of the word.


What is organic dry cleaning? There are other ways to clean clothes without using a perc. This is usually done to keep the fabric’s quality and stop it from stretching or shrinking. Dry cleaning, which uses carbon dioxide and water, is a more eco-friendly choice. Clothes can be dried with liquid CO2 that is under a lot of pressure. Because it’s so expensive to make, it’s not used as much as it could be.


Most sources also talk about purge as another option. To do that, you need to use both natural and machine detergents. Interestingly, most dry cleaners already use this method on certain types of clothing. Almost all of the time, this method is used by organic laundry services. But do not rule out that there are some people who use this method at home.


The method used is organic dry cleaning. 


  1. Cleaning Wet

With this method, clothes can be cleaned with water and special detergents that are lighter than things you might find around the house. Wet cleaners have washers, dryers, irons, steamers, and other tools to press, steam, and finish clothes. No chemical solvents are used, so stains are treated with extra care before and after cleaning.


  1. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaner

Along with detergents, CO2 can be used to clean. Liquid CO2 is safe and is used to add carbonation to soft drinks. The clothes are put in a machine that looks like a dry cleaner, and a little bit of air is taken out. The cleaning drum is then filled with gaseous and liquid forms of carbon dioxide. After the clothes are cleaned, the liquid CO2 is pumped back into the storage tank so it can be used again. This process might be the best for the environment.


  1. Hydrocarbon DF-2000

Also, the organic dry cleaning method can use solvents made from petroleum called DF-2000 hydrocarbon solvents.


  1. Solvent Based Silicone

Some cleaners get rid of the perc and use organic dry cleaning methods instead. This solvent is a siloxane or D-5, which is a silicone-based solvent. Siloxane is like some of the main ingredients in shaving creams and deodorants.


Organic dry cleaners can help the environment around us by using green cleaning solvents, as was already mentioned. Most organic dry cleaners use vehicles that are good for the environment to pick up and deliver clothes. If the company cares about the environment, it will use dry cleaners that are made from natural ingredients.


If you use a chemical to clean your clothes that is toxic or dangerous enough, it will react when you wear it. If you have sensitive skin, these clothes will make you feel sick. But you won’t have that happen if you use the dry cleaning method. You won’t get sick or feel like your skin is too sensitive.

We often notice that your clothes that have been washed by the laundry have a strong smell. When we wear these clothes, this smell is very bothersome. If you use a silicone solvent, it won’t have a strong smell, so it will be comfortable to wear.


If you want your clothes to look as good as new, you can take them to an organic laundry. This is because they use GreenEarth silicone solutions in their dry cleaners.