How Much Does it Cost to Clean Windows?

The windows need to be clean if you want to increase the curb appeal of your house or enjoy your view more. You can hire someone to do windows if you don’t know how. The average cost of window cleaning is about $213, with a typical range of $149 to $296. The cost also depends on the number of panes, accessibility, and cleanliness of the windows. Cleaners may bill by the hour, the square footage, or the number of windows they clean. Hiring a professional to do this job can save you time and money, especially when you factor in the costs of the materials.


The majority of window cleaning services charge per window plus any additional cleaning byrequest, but some charge by the square footage of your house or by the hour. Some companies charge more for various window types due to their complexity, such as mullioned windows, or they may charge more for the risk of cleaning a window due to its height or location. Cleaning the sills, tracks, screens, or trim may incur additional fees.


You might be able to negotiate a lower cost of window cleaning per-window if your house has numerous windows. And if you already employ a regular house cleaning service, they might already include cleaning the windows as part of their basic service.


Cost of Window Cleaning

A window cleaner may charge a minimum of $45 to $85, depending on how many windows you have. Cleaning companies can bill per window, per pane, or per hour. Whether you hire a franchised window cleaning company or an uninsured, unlicensed handyman will determine the exact cost.


Residential Cost of Window Cleaning By Home Size

Depending on the size and the quantity of windows, the cost of window cleaning for interior and exterior windows of an entire house (or small office) can range in price from $185 to $570.


Square Feet Number of Windows (Estimated) Average Cost
1,000 10 $185
1,500 15 $245
2,400 24 $353
3,200 32 $449
4,200 42 $569


Cost of Window Cleaning Per Window

Depending on the size, the average cost of window cleaning with two panes is between $10 and $15. An additional $3 to $5 per window, or roughly a 50% increase with each floor, is charged for windows on the third or fourth floor. This explains why people use ladders or scissor lifts to access windows.


Cost of Window Cleaning Per Hour

An hour of window cleaning typically costs between $40 and $75. Unless it’s a large home, the math still comes out to be roughly the same even if you find a cleaner who charges by the pane. Most businesses charge by the pane because it benefits them financially and prevents clients from being overcharged or undercharged.


Cost of Window Cleaning Per Pane

The cost of window cleaning can be anywhere between $4 and $12 per pane, with the majority of homeowners spending between $4 and $8. Add $1.50 to $2.50 per pane for windows that are difficult to reach on the third or fourth floor. Because it is more equitable for the customer, businesses charge their services by the pane rather than by the hour.

  • Double hung window: A window that typically has two glass panes. While some businesses might bill for two windows, others might view it as one window with two sections, which equals four panes.
  • Sunburst window: In a double-hung design, a sunburst window may have four sections in the top half, four sections in the bottom half, and then an additional four or five sections in the semicircle portion at the top. As a result, cleaning is required in 12 to 13 different sections.
  • Skylights:  They can be cleaned as well and typically cost $27 each.
  • Garage doors: The panes on garage doors are $1 each.
  • Storm windows: 3 to 4 pane combinations cost $30 per combination; additional costs apply for more than four panes.


To summarize, here is a table that breaks down the estimated cost of window cleaning in order to make it easier for you to read.


Type Average Cost
Call-out charge $45 – $85
Per Window $10 – $15
Per Window (3rd or 4th floor) $13 – $20
Per Pane $4 – $8
Per Pane (3rd or 4th floor) $6 – $12
Screen Cleaning $0.50 – $5
Flat Rate per Hour $45 – $70


Your home’s curb appeal will be enhanced by sparkling windows, which will also make you feel better. Additionally, they increase energy efficiency, safeguard indoor air quality, and let more light into interior spaces. Cleaning gets rid of insects that might nest behind screens or shutters and hide. Keeping things clean can help stop infestation.