Here’s an easy way to clean wooden cabinets fast and simple!

As residents of the house, of course we always clean the house because we want it to look clean and comfortable. We think of cleaning the house, just sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, cleaning beds, or something else. But not only that; many of them must also prioritize cleanliness. Like cleaning the equipment or furniture that we have.

There is furniture that is very important for its use in the house, one of which is the wardrobe. Yes! a cupboard with all its functions, such as a place to store clothes, a kitchen set that can store spices or food, and many more. Cabinets that are still used today are wooden cabinets. From generation to generation, wooden cabinets are known for their durability and longevity.

If the cabinets are left idle and not cleaned regularly, they will cause damage, and termites and mold will appear and settle on your wooden cabinets. Also, the most stubborn stains on wood cabinets are oil stains. If the wooden cupboard is not cleaned, it will suffer visual damage.

To keep furniture clean and shiny, you have to learn how to clean wooden cabinets quickly and easily. Cleaning wooden cabinets also helps extend the life of wooden cabinets. Let’s see below!

  1. 1. Termite and Mold Stain Removal

You must provide gloves and masks because termites and fungi are very dangerous to your health. Take your wooden cabinets out of the house, and if possible, expose your wooden cabinets to the sun.

After that, you can immediately prepare water, buckets, rags, mold cleaning products, and detergent soap. If termites have infested your wooden cupboard, the first step is to soak a cloth in warm water and then rub it on the outside and inside of the cupboard. If there is mold, you can spray a mildew cleaning product on it and rub it until the mold disappears. After everything is done, you can dry your wooden cabinets with a dry cloth, and the wooden cabinets are clean and can be used again.

  1. Cleaning Oil Stains

If you have oil stains on your wood cabinets but don’t know how to clean them? Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips with easy-to-find ingredients. The ingredient is white vinegar. White vinegar can remove stubborn oil stains.

The first step is to combine 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup warm water.Leave it for 5 minutes in the water spray. Earlier, add 1/2 spoons of detergent to the vinegar and warm water spray.

Next, prepare a dry cloth and then spray the vinegar mixed with water on the oily stain while gently rubbing it until it is clean, and wait a few moments. After that, you can immediately clean it with a soft cloth, and the wooden wardrobe is ready to use.

  1. Cleaning Dust

If your wooden cabinets get dirty easily, especially in the kitchen, you can clean them every two days.The first thing you have to prepare is a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water. Next, you can dip a microfiber cloth in warm water and then wipe it in the direction of the dust that sticks to your wooden cabinets.

  1. Cleans Sticky Residue

Sticky residue stains are rather difficult to clean, for example, from sweet foods, chili sauce, soy sauce, and others. You have to provide air spirits and soft cloth. Spray air spirits and rub them on the sticky stain repeatedly until the residual stain is removed.