How To Clean a Velvet Couch. Check it out!

The couch is always in the house. Until now, there have been various types of couches, ranging from velvet to leather to canvas. But there are not a few people who have a couch made of velvet, because maintenance is quite difficult. Not only is it difficult to care for, but the velvet sofa has a beautiful and luxurious feel that makes guests feel comfortable.

Caring for and paying attention to the cleanliness of the velvet couch is mandatory to avoid germs or bacteria sticking to the couch. Velvet couches are not only found at home; sometimes you can find them in offices, hospitals, hotels, and others. If you don’t have much time for a while, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It can be done every day. But if you notice stubborn stains on your velvet couch, it’s time to check out some ways to clean velvet couches in an easy and fast way.

  1. Daily Cleaning

As said above, all furniture in the house must always be cleaned, including the velvet couch. If you have a vacuum cleaner, it can be used every day. Until now, there were vacuum cleaners that were lighter in size and much cheaper. The vacuum cleaner will have a brush and dustpan that can be used if there are any bits of dust left.

How to use a vacuum cleaner: You can point it at the part full of dust. Using this tool makes the dust that is between the lines easier to remove. Is easy to use right?

  1. Removes Stains

The adhering stains need to be cleaned after the vacuuming is finished. If you have dish detergent and water ready, you should clean your couch immediately if food or drink falls on it. Put it in the water spray after mixing it. When it is ready, spray it on the damaged area of the couch and gently rub with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the velvet. When the velvet sofas are all cleaned, you can immediately use a dry cloth to dry them.

But just another option that can be used if the stain doesn’t go away is to mix white vinegar and water. The secret is to combine a small amount of white vinegar and detergent in a container of warm water. After that, wipe it with water and white vinegar mixture and let it sit for a while. After leaving it, you should immediately dry it with a dry cloth and don’t forget to spray a fragrance to prevent the scent of white vinegar from lingering.

How to Take Care of a Velvet Couch: What to Check Out For

If you are someone who is looking to buy a velvet sofa right away, there are things to pay attention to for maintaining it so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Apart from that, it is also something that must be considered for those of you who have a velvet sofa in your favorite home.

– If the sofa is wet, it can be brushed gently. Therefore, if you want to brush a velvet sofa, make sure it is wet, not dry.

– Avoid using chemicals to clean stains on velvet sofas.

– Use cleaning products that do not contain harsh ingredients.

– Avoid the velvet sofa from sun exposure which will be damaged quickly

– Don’t sit on the arms of a velvet couch or sit to one side only.