Cleaning Tips and Hacks That Blow Your Mind – and It Works!

You may have a brand of cleaning supplies that you always use, but are you sure it’s the best? If you have a particularly difficult cleaning problem to solve and the standard cleaning tools aren’t doing the trick, it may be time to try something a little bit different, like using some random ingredients you found in the pantry or employing a completely out-there cleaning technique. Are you up for some excitement? Here are 20 completely insane but effective cleaning tips and hacks that can blow your mind.


It’s common practice to use store-bought cleaning products, such as sprays, powders, and potions, to keep our homes, vehicles, and storage areas free of dust and grime. However, if you know what you’re doing, nature and common household items can be just as effective as commercial cleaners. We’ve compiled the most effective shortcuts for cleaning that will prevent you from having to buy expensive cleaning supplies. Aside from that, everything in your house will smell and look new and improved.


Coffee Filters as Glass Cleaner

If your mirrors or windows have become foggy, you probably reach for paper towels and glass cleaner. However, this is an antiquated method that can leave streaks and spots. For the cleaning tips and hacks, use clean coffee filters the next time you need to clean the glass in your home or office without leaving any streaks.


Hairspray to Eliminate Whiteboard Marks

A dry erase marker stain that won’t come out, no matter how much cleaner you use, is the quickest way to destroy a dry erase board. Hairspray can be used to get rid of stains on a dry-erase board. Clean the board with soap and water to remove any lingering residue after spraying and erasing.


Chalk to Remove Oil Stains on Clothing

How often have you been rushing through breakfast and ruined a favorite shirt by splattering it with bacon grease? If you ever get oil or grease on your shirt, instead of immediately washing it, use cleaning tips and hacks by trying to rub plain white chalk into the stain first. The grease will be absorbed by the chalk, and the shirt should come out of the wash unstained.


Vegetable Oil for Cleaning Wood Floors

Did you know that vegetable oil can be used to clean wood floors in addition to being used to fry eggs and as a key ingredient in a batch of cookies? With these cleaning tips and hacks, you can get your wood floors looking as good as new by mixing equal parts vegetable oil and vinegar in a spray bottle, spritzing the floor with the solution, and mopping up the excess. Use a fresh rag or dust mop to finish up.


Mayonnaise for Cleaning Cloudy Wood Stains

Heat or water rings can leave cloudy stains on wood furniture that are unsightly. Put on a thick layer of mayonnaise—yes, mayonnaise—and leave it alone overnight to restore that gorgeous surface to its former glory. Afterward, remove any remaining mayonnaise, buff the area, and polish it to a shine.


Cornstarch for Tarnished Silver

Even though cornstarch is most commonly associated with thickening sauces and sauce-based dishes like soups, stews, and stir-fries, it also has useful applications as a gritty cleaning agent around the house. Check out one of these time-saving cleaning tips and hacks. Tarnished silver can be restored to its original shine by applying a paste made of cornstarch and water, allowing it to dry, and then wiping it clean.


Sunscreen to Remove Permanent Marker

Sunscreen is essential for preventing sunburn, but did you know it can also prevent permanent markers from damaging your furniture, clothing, and other surfaces? Use sunscreen to remove those dreaded permanent marker marks by rubbing it in, and that’s cleaning tips and hacks for you.


Lemon to Eliminate Odors

Over time, smells build up in a garbage disposal. Grinding up some lemon or lime peel instantly cleanses and eliminates funky odors—no bleach required. Thinly slice a lemon, making sure that the portion of fruit is clear of seeds. Then, slip it down your disposal and—once your hand is out of the disposal, of course—flip the switch. A fresh, citrusy scent should fill your kitchen.


Vinegar to Clean Away Hard Water Stains

A mixture of half white vinegar and half water is one of the most effective cleaning tips and hacks. Hard water stains are easily removed thanks to vinegar’s acidity. Cleaning faucets and tile with this vinegar solution is as easy as spraying it on, waiting 5-15 minutes, and then washing it off with clean water and a sponge or rag.


Toothpaste for Soiled Sneakers 

Use toothpaste to maintain the pristine condition of your white soles. To quickly clean your sneakers, follow these cleaning tips and hacks. Use a non-gel toothpaste (like Arm & Hammer, which contains baking soda for surface stains). Soles can be cleaned using a (clean) old toothbrush, some toothpaste, and a small amount of water. Wait 10 minutes for toothpaste to work on stubborn stains, then wipe clean.

Although keeping a clean home is no easy task, it need not be a laborious one either. Hopefully, these 10 cleaning tips and hacks will be a huge help for you.