List of the Lowest Cost Insurance Providers for Multiple Cars and How to Add a Second Vehicle to Your Policy

You can save money by getting insurance for more than one car from the same company. Some companies will give you a bigger discount than others if you insure more than one car with them.


If a person insures two cars under the same policy, the multi-car discount saves them about 19% or $486 (Rp 7.652.142) per year. 


Geico is the provider with the most affordable premiums for coverage for two or more vehicles. Based on MoneyGeek, the cost at Geico is $1.789 (Rp 28.168).


Meanwhile, if you look at the data in Policygenius, Geico offers the third-cheapest amount of discounts among auto insurance providers. 


Insurance companies frequently have the lowest pricing, but that does not necessarily indicate they are the best. 


The top insurance providers have excellent ratings for customer service, outstanding financial soundness, and competitive rates.


Allstate provides the most excellent multi-car discount. Allstate thus got the title of best insurance provider that offers 14 deals. 


Allstate has middling customer satisfaction ratings but the same financial strength to cover claims as Geico. 


Bundling your insurance policies with Allstate can help you save money, as they offer several types of coverage.


Based on Policygenius, here is the list of the cheapest company insurance for two cars. 

  • USSA, which cost about $1,988 (Rp 31.350) 
  • State Farm charges $2.106 (Rp 33.211)
  • Geico, the payment is $2.182 (Rp 34.410)
  • Nationwide, the cost is $ 2.671 (Rp 42.121)
  • Travelers charge is $ 2.696 (Rp 42516)

Rates vary by region, driving record, and other criteria and are not indicative of any particular policy.


USAA is often the cheapest insurance because of its low rates and excellent customer service. The average cost to insure two cars with USAA is $166 per month or $1,988 per year. 


Also, the company has the best customer service ratings and some of the lowest prices in the industry, but it is only available to active military, veterans and their families.


State Farm is one of the cheapest car insurance companies for multi-car policies. They also have high ratings for how well they handle claims, cover the whole country, and have low rates for drivers who might pay more at other companies, like new drivers.


Compared to other leading insurance providers in the country, Geico’s average prices are the lowest, their online tools and applications make managing your insurance a breeze, and they provide the most generous discounts.


Geico has 16 discounts total, including a multi-car discount. The company is a competitive provider for drivers with two or more automobiles, thanks to some of the lowest rates, exceptional financial stability, and respectable satisfaction scores.


In fact, it takes only a few minutes to add a second vehicle to your insurance policy, either online or over the phone.


First, make sure to tell your insurance operator about your new car, including the identification number and vehicle model. 


Second, when you want to add a new vehicle to the insurance policy, the agent will calculate the cost based on the new driver’s specific information, such as their age, driving history, and date of birth.


Finally, specify the kind of protection you need for your new vehicle in a conversation with your insurer.