How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost on Average?

Car insurance rates depend in part on where you live. The costs can be different for you depending on your state, city, and zip code. 


The average monthly rates for full coverage and minimum coverage car insurance vary from state to state.


Car insurance rates are also based on age. Quotes for car insurance depend on the driver’s age and how long they’ve been driving.


That means young drivers will pay more for insurance. Men also tend to pay more for insurance than women do.


Young and inexperienced drivers tend to get into more accidents, so their car insurance rates are higher.


Between 18 and 25, the average annual cost of car insurance can drop by a lot. 

It is because insurance companies tend to see older drivers as less risky and less likely to file claims. 


Average insurance rates decrease slightly every year until a driver turns 55.

Berikut adalah biaya asuransi mobil rata-rata yang berdasarkan usia 18 sampai 55 tahun!


18 years old $437  
19 years old $345  
20 years old $308  
21 years old $248 
25 years old $166
35 years old $143
45 years old $137
55 years old $126


There are the costs of car insurance on average by gender. Regarding car insurance rates, there is little difference between men and women who are 30 or older. 


But when it comes to younger drivers, men can pay up to 13% more for insurance than women. Drivers who are not men or women pay a little more than women.


20 years old, woman $126
20-year-old nonbinary driver $129
20-year-old man $142


The typical cost of full coverage automobile insurance is at a “good” level. It is advised that in exchange for your services, at least you give 50/100/50 of your liability. 


This level of full coverage is in the middle of the road. It includes collision and comprehensive coverage for your car, with a $1,000 deductible.


Here is a list of entire coverage car insurance companies with average monthly rates.


Allstate $146
Farmers $115
LIberty Mutual $128
Nationwide $80
Progressive $92
State Farm $99
USAA $92


Your credit score is a significant ranking factor in many states, including California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Hawaii.

In addition to filing more claims than drivers with good credit, those with bad credit tend to make more expensive claims. 


That means that credit is a predictor of how wrong a claim is. When all other factors are the same, drivers with good credit pay an average of $783 less for car insurance than drivers with awful credit.



Very Poor $237
Fair $188
Good $155
Very Good $130
Exceptional $107


After an accident where you were at fault, the average insurance rate is $220 per month, which is a 49% increase from the net record.


State Farm’s rate increase was only 26% after one accident, which was the least of all the companies. Geico had the most considerable rate increase, with premiums increasing by 70% for drivers who had one accident in which they were at fault.


That’s information about the average car insurance. Hoping you can understand!