6 Surprising Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Should Try at Home

It takes work to keep a house clean, and it takes work over time. How often have you finished a long day with the kids, sat down on the couch for a moment to unwind, only to discover that the TV has a thin layer of dust on it? Or have you ever returned home from shopping and gone to put the groceries away only to find that the sink you cleaned before you left the house is once more overflowing with dirty dishes? The good news is that there are some ways you can make house cleaning easier on yourself.


To achieve the spotless home of your dreams, there are a ton of cleaning tips and tricks on how to make a cleaning schedule and checklists to follow. Vacuum, mop, and dust. Repeat. The boredom of housekeeping isn’t going away, especially as virtual learning environments and hybrid work schedules become commonplace, joining the ranks of laptop keyboards covered in crumbs and dingy kitchen sinks. Yes, you may believe you are up to speed on all cleaning techniques. But what if we told you that there are other heroes who can do the job just as well as baking soda and vinegar?


Here are six surprising cleaning tips and tricks from professionals who promise to change your cleaning approach:


Cleaning tip #1: Clean with intention

Even though it may be tempting to hurry through a weekly cleaning, paying attention to the process can have a dramatic impact. It is said, “When cleaning your home, put all of your intention into it, do it with love.”


Follow these cleaning tips and tricks to make it easier; Start your favorite podcast and pay attention to the small things, like the distance between the sink and the faucet. Little things can make a big difference.


Cleaning tip #2: Tackle mildew with vodka

When dealing with mildew on bathroom tile, try a shot of vodka. Vodka can be mixed with water to make a clean spray bottle. Spray the vodka on the offensive tile and let it sit for about ten minutes. These cleaning tips and tricks will aid in breaking up the substance and make it easier to wipe away. A clean rag or sponge should work to remove the vodka. And unlike vinegar, vodka evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste.


Cleaning tip #3: Dust-proof ceiling fans with old pillowcases

When your ceiling fan turns, dust falls. You can wipe the fan blades with a paper towel, but that only moves the dust. Cleaning tips and tricks for you to follow are to stand on a stool and wrap a pillowcase around a fan blade. Make sure not to disturb the dust. Slide the pillowcase off the fan blade and apply enough pressure to the top and bottom to collect the dust. Repeat for all fan blades. Move the stool around the fan to avoid slipping. Turn a pillowcase inside out to clean it. Mix well. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in dust. And it also suggested keeping a pillowcase with cleaning supplies.


Cleaning tip #4: Buff screens with a coffee filter

For dust-free screens on a desktop computer, TV, or tablet, these cleaning tips and tricks are a godsend. According to a professional, your screen will look brand new and won’t be harmed by harsh chemicals. As you would with a microfiber cloth, lightly rub the screen with the coffee filter to remove any smudges.


Cleaning tip #5: Cleaners for stove burners

Cleaning tips and tricks you should remember include resolving to dissolve before scrubbing their stove burners. Instead of cleaning the stove’s burners directly, it’s recommended to remove them and immerse them in a very shallow tub of hot water with a few capfuls of dish detergent. Let it sit for 30 minutes, and then scrub to get rid of the partially dissolved sticking substance. Finish by using an old toothbrush or a dish cleaning pad dipped in baking soda to scrub away any remaining residue.


Cleaning tip #6: Switch to melamine sponges

Melamine sponges are more effective than traditional rubber sponges because the resin acts as a grippy, fine sandpaper to remove dirt that the foam pores have absorbed. They can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom, and buying them in bulk makes them incredibly affordable. Follow these cleaning tips and tricks by applying your preferred cleaner to the sponge before using it on stainless steel, sinks, and bathtubs.

You can maintain a healthy home that looks nice and is simpler to thoroughly clean when the time comes by following those cleaning tips and tricks and also by giving the surfaces that are most noticeable and frequently used some attention each day.